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John Carver: We lost derby because we're soft

In his pre-Liverpool press conference, John Carver has confirmed that he holds the same attitude as many fans: This squad is soft.

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

Hey, here's something fun!  John Carver had his pre-Liverpool press conference today, and the club has put out on the YouTube their obligatory 3 minute stretch of his comments.  Somewhat erroneously titled "John Carver looks ahead to Liverpool", he spends 3 minutes and 30 seconds addressing the Sunderland match.  Needless to say there is reason for concern if our Liverpool prep consists of looking back at yet another derby defeat.  Let us assume that this was just a poor choice editorially, however, and grant that they probably are prepping for Liverpool properly (I'll be here all week).  There are a couple of gems from this little clip.  The video will be embedded down below so that you can watch it in its entirety if you so desire, but I'd like to call special attention to the following timestamps:

2 minutes, 32 seconds

We seem to not have a problem when we come up against sides who like to try to play football.  We seem to have a problem when we have to compete, and uh, it's something that we need to address within the club and we've talked about addressing that in the summer.

--John Carver

I'm going to set aside the part where WCJC™ is talking like he will still be the manager next season.  That's a bridge to cross when we have to.  The take-away here?  John Carver is actively calling his team soft.  With our results declining and the inevitable charge to the finish line from relegation candidates, this is not exactly what you want to hear.

2 minutes, 47 seconds

If you start at this moment (in fact, you can watch from the previous clip through as they are consecutive comments, John Carver is asked if Leicester, Sunderland, QPR getting results late in the season is cause for Newcastle to worry.  WCJC™ take it away!

Well you've always got to be worried but let's not forget four or five weeks ago, we all sat here and we talked about this being a difficult run.  And it has been a difficult run.  And in some of the games, we've actually acquitted ourselves quite well.  But it's just you're only as good as your last game and that was a disappointment.

--John Carver

If only "acquitting ourselves well" actually garnered a club points, we'd be... well... we'd probably be exactly where we are now.  Unfortunately for us, the sole method for gaining points that will ultimately lead to another year of mid-table mediocrity in the Premier League is, well... actually GETTING RESULTS.  Hopefully, someone get's the memo to WCJC™ before the end of the season.  If we're honestly pinning our survival on hope and "acquitting ourselves quite well", we may just be doomed.