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NUFC probably not headed to Dallas after all

John Carver's inability to wrap up Premier League survival yet looks to have cost US Toon fans dearly.

Gareth Copley/Getty Images

It looks like any excitement (if you are still able to be excited by this club) or deep thought about whether to boycott any summer fixtures (if you're not able to be excited by this club any longer) may have been in vain.  The guys over at I Wish I Was A Geordie spotted this from Swansea City:

The Swans' official club announcement that they are playing in the tournament that Newcastle was linked to is significant as it looks now like the spot meant for Newcastle United is now taken by Chivas Guadalajara.  The fact that a second Mexican team has been now included could indicate that this was a last second move to replace a team that the tournament felt they had on the books but was unwilling to commit.  It may also belie that if Newcastle were that club (they were) the ownership is less than confident that we will be able to pull out of this fight against relegation, which doesn't exactly give you the good feels.

If Newcastle do pull through, it looks like they won't be coming to the United States and will likely have a last-minute junk trip to Germany or Portugal scheduled like we've seen in years past, which will be disappointing to those of us who were planning on making our way to Dallas for a week during the ugliest Texas weather time of the year.  If only any of this were surprising.