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Carver At His Wit's End. Is This the Last Straw?

Working Class John Carver™ removes his filter after the loss to Leicester, equaling his squad's low discipline levels. Could this be the end of the road for Carver?

Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

I have been watching Newcastle United for the good part of 20 years. In all my time, including the last relegation season, today's performance is the worst I have seen. Their inability to mark on set pieces was greatly exposed, our midfield did not play as a unit, and we did not convert on the chances we did have (I'm looking at you, Riviere).

Most importantly, the blatant lack of discipline also reared its ugly head loud and proud. Mike Williamson was sent off on two yellows, the second an appalling tackle out of bounds sending Jamie Vardy clattering into a camera at midfield. Darryl Janmaat also got in on the fun, accumulating his second yellow card on a clumsy challenge in injury time. As appalling this was, the lack of discipline and professionalism got worse after the match. The BBC's interview with John Carver can be seen here.

John Carver has been clearly frustrated through this losing streak. He hit his wit's end and completely went off on the squad. In the post-match press conference, he called the entire squad, save Jack Colback, of playing with no determination and not coming to fight. He pointed the finger at the squad for not listening to him after watching Leicester midweek against Chelsea. If these statements weren't bad enough, he even accused Mike Williamson of purposely getting sent off!

My thoughts about John Carver have not been positive since his appointment. As time has progressed, the disciplinary issues--Cisse's spitting, Coloccini's straight red, Sissoko's sending off, and now today--have been glaring proof that Carver does not have any respect in the dressing room. Carver calling the players out for not listening to him show that the level respect is absolute zero.

I suspect now is the time Mike Ashley & Co. will hit the panic button and try to right the ship clear of relegation. I would not be surprised to see Carver sacked come Monday morning. Whether or not they appoint a full-time manager or leave U-21 coach Peter Beardsley is beyond me.

Whatever they do, I hope that it is not too late. Relegation twice in 5 years is not the record this great club deserves.