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Survival assured, #ManagerWatch restarts from square 1

John Carver is the incumbent, but has proven his incapability in the head role at Newcastle. Let's check in on names that have been connected with our club.

Alex Grimm/Getty Images

Newcastle United have survived the 2014-15 Premier League season as well as the John Carver regime, if it can be defined as such.  We have to hope that with Mike Ashley's alleged renewed attitude towards the club he will see that John Carver is woefully inadequate to carry on as the Head Coach at St. James' Park.  We have to hope that part of the "investment" promised by Ashley on UK television Sunday includes a competent manager that will be able to coax the best out of our squad prior to the last match of the season.  There has been a bit of movement regarding names that have been connected with Newcastle in the past, so let's check back in with some of the most likely candidates.

Steve McClaren

McClaren has long been the name considered the candidate preferred by Lee Charnley.  His insistence that he "still had a job to do at Derby County" took him out of consideration for the position when we needed him in January.  This left John Carver in charge for what nearly turned into a calamitous spell heading to the end of the season. McClaren was once again approached as Carver was unable to gain the result that would give NUFC safety, and it was this approach that probably rules McClaren out now.  You can never rule anything out at Newcastle – especially with this leadership group – but McClaren likely burned his bridges to NUFC by refusing to touch the job when we desperately needed someone to step in.

Paul Clement

Clement was briefly connected with Newcastle before the club committed to Carver for the remainder of the season.  Although inexperienced as the top man, his list of managers is impressive.  The latest on his list, Carlo Ancelotti, is now on the verge of being sacked at Real Madrid (expected to be announced any minute now).  Recent reports have suggested that he will be the man to take over from McClaren at Derby County, which frankly makes more sense at this point in time.

Aitor Karanka

Karanka has been building his reputation with his work at Middlesbrough, leading them to today's Championship play-off final.  Following 'Boro's defeat to Norwich City, Karanka is likely more available than he ever has been... but also perhaps less attractive a candidate than he has been as well.  It was not that 'Boro lost today, but it is the meek resistance that they offered on the day that may give clubs like Newcastle pause before offering him a position at their club.  He may still turn into a very good Premier League manager, but it seems like he'll have to answer some questions on the pitch before that chance comes.

Paco Jemez

A very late entry into the discussion, Jemez is one that could have easily caught the fancy of Newcastle supporters.  His preference for a swashbuckling attack while at the same time being somewhat suspect at the back would have been a throwback to the teams that captured our fancy around the turn of the millennium.  He has, however, probably removed himself from contention by signing a one-year extension with current club Rayo Vallecano.

Remi Garde

Garde is still unattached at this point.  Although he reportedly ruled out a role at Newcastle United in January.  It had been said that part of the hangup had been on his desire to bring some of his own back-room staff along with him.  Perhaps the severe lack of form under the influence of Carver and Stone might have loosened Charnley's position on this idea.  We can only hope.  Garde is probably the most attractive name still available (among those names already connected with the club).

David Moyes

The former Everton and Manchester United manager has been a popular name to drum up when rumors were slow or non-existent.  His time at Real Sociedad has been underwhelming.  While he is unlikely to continue on in Spain, recent reports suggest any potential return to England could be to West Ham instead of Newcastle.  Although not necessarily an inspiring choice, Moyes does have experience in managing a low-investment squad and keeping it mostly relevant... but any connection here at this point appears to be tenuous.

Jürgen Klopp

This is really a laughable connection... but it does allow for acknowledging a potential endgame for the Carver regime.  Follow with me here:  John Carver has the caretaker tag removed from his title (although not in public... it will just become).  He bungles through the first half of the season and NUFC finally realize the need for change.  This of course brings us to the Jürgen Klopp window and the former Borussia Dortmund man is in to take over and rescue the Toon!  Piece of cake.

Unless they are going to stick with John Carver (which, face it, would not surprise anyone), the search likely starts with these names.