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Our Premier League life is in John's hands, man

On the heels of a snub by erstwhile coaching target Steve McClaren, I shall be adjusting my attitude about our club.

John Carver of the Lizard People
John Carver of the Lizard People
Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

As you may have heard by now, Newcastle United have confirmed that Working Class John Carver™ will remain in the head coach's chair until the end of the season.  It is being reported now that this is more predicated upon Steve McClaren's refusal to take on the 3-match salvage project, but either way, the top brass are even more complicit in whatever happens from here out than they were before.  There are good quality free agent coaches out there who could be turned to in the absence of McClaren.  Instead, they will stand pat with the man who has earned a powerful 0.56 points per match (although a staggering 0.00 points per match over the last 8).  Statistical probability says that Newcastle United will have to win one of their last three matches.  Of course, the same probably say that they should have won at least one of the previous eight.

I have come to the conclusion that my thinking has become very uptight with regard to the management of our football club.  For years I have been on the record as being anti-Ashley (at the very least anti-MA's antagonistic business practices as exercised at the club), anti-Pardew, anti-Carver.  None of these stances have borne any fruit.  I have decided that I am going to throw every fiber of my being behind our owner and our beleaguered in-way-above-his-head head coach.  If the club are intent on doing exactly the opposite of what the support base desires as a unit, I encourage you to do the same.  Shower the ownership with love and adulation.  We're profitable, after all!  Shower the head coach with praise for his tactical nous and supreme qualifications for the job!  We're in the absolute worst form of any club in the Football League great form, after all .  Maybe... just maybe... the club's bent to do whatever we don't want will force them to do what we do!  It's reverse psychology, and it works without fail!