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NUFC releases "Open letter from Fabricio Coloccini"

Our captain (allegedly) is exhorting us to get behind the squad for the three vital matches remaining in this season.

Nigel Roddis/Getty Images

Newcastle United have published what they are calling an "open letter" from captain Fabricio Coloccini.  Much like other communications from members of the club over time, it has all the hallmarks of having been composed elsewhere within the club prior to having someone else's name slapped on it.  This was pretty much standard operating procedure for anything "from Alan Pardew" that wasn't directly spoken to the press, if you'll recall.

Once they got through the opening paragraph in which there is an example or two of attempts to make it believable by throwing in some clumsy Spanish-to-English bits such as:

I don't usually speak publicly too often, but today I feel the responsibility to talk to all of you for several reasons in which you are involved, every bit as much as we are as players, staff, directors and every person that works for the Club.

it settles into what it was.  This is an overly verbose attempt from a "different" avenue of delivery to obliquely blame the fans for an exaggerated role in the club's recent misfortunes and shame those who have dared to speak up against the policies of our owner, the incompetence of our "coach" and the "efforts" of our players.  Once whoever really did write this got rid of the pretense of pretending it was from Coloccini (We could compare it to the verbiage of his famous "Open Letter to the Fans of San Lorenzo" some time back... if we wanted) it was pretty straight ahead and standard issue from the club and its PR department.  Perhaps you can believe that it was penned by our Captain, whose performances lately have been contrary to many of the feelings expressed in the letter... but it seems pretty clear exactly what it is.  Click through here to read it and judge for yourself and let us know what you think.