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Is This Newcastle's First Over the Line This Summer?

Anderlecht has agreed on a £15m deal for striker Aleksander Mitrovic. Is this a sign of better things to come?

Alex Grimm/Getty Images

This is supposedly the first deal done for this summer. According to the Daily Mail, Newcastle has agreed upon a £15m deal for Aleksandar Mitrovic, a 20 year old Serbian International from Belgian club Anderlicht. They are reported to beat out Premier League competition Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, and Swansea. He has also been on Newcastle's radar for a good amount of time, too.

MItrovic has scored 20 goals in all competitions, including a this late game-tying goal against Arsenal in the Champions League.

The Chronicle reported that Anderlecht has naturally denied this rumor.  It's the end of their season, and the last thing on Anderlicht's mind is losing a young star in the transfer window.

Could this move truly happen? It's possible, but I wouldn't get too excited about it just yet. This is the time of year where agents will go to work to generate as much buzz as possible for their clients seeking greener pastures and/or more money from their current club. It could also be contingent on Newcastle staying in the Permier League, too. A move to the Championship from the Bundesliga and the Champions League is a big step backward.

Given the original source of this story, the Daily "Fail", I would also take this rumor with a big grain of salt.