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NUFC Tour of US may be back on

Predictably, news of Newcastle United's preseason tour may have been broken by a Major League Baseball club.

Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

This morning, the following announcement was made by the Milwaukee Brewers on the twitter:

It has been a rocky road for US Newcastle supporters of late.  An announcement of the club's involvement with a tournament in Dallas over the summer was followed by the club withdrawing from the tournament and then ultimately the cancellation of the tournament completely.  A prolonged struggle to finally secure Premier League survival provided the perfect excuse to maintain complete radio silence regarding the preseason and subsequently the "search for a head coach" prolonged the ability to keep quiet.  It was easy to write the US tour off and assume they'd schedule some small-scale European tour as they did in Germany and Portugal in recent summers past.

Although unconfirmed by the club at this point, it is a tremendously Newcastle thing to have happen.  Just when all hope looks lost, we get a little something that gives us hope.  We'll string that hope out for an appropriate amount of time before they yank the plug on the whole thing and announce the tour of Iceland, but hey.  It'll be fun to hope.