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Newcastle's Premier League fixture list announced

Steve McClaren may not yet know exactly what his team will look like next season, but he now knows what the season itself has in store.

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

The Premier League fixture gurus have returned from the mountain top (or Brighton... or Spain... wherever it is they go to do these things) with brand new fixture lists carved into two giant stone tablets.  Well, maybe not quite that exactly, but similar.  So far as we can tell, there are exactly 0 surprise fixtures this season... a random trip to Fulham, for instance, did not make the cut.

Since their return to the Premier League, Newcastle have traditionally been handed a first match against one of the Sky 6.  Manchester City had taken the mantle over the past couple of years which meant that Newcastle were nailed on to start the season with a -4 goal difference.  This year, it is top-of-the table new boys Southampton who will travel to St. James' Park for the opening fixture of the 2015-16 season.

The Tyne-Wear Derby will be March 19, 2016 while it's reverse at the cute stadium with the pink seats will be October 24th.  The highly anticipated road trip to Bournemouth will be November 7.

The holiday program could be worse with Everton (H), West Bromwich Albion (A) and Arsenal (A) filling the festive season.  The Match For Ultimate Survival will be at home again this year with Spurs the opponent.  It seems that it might be a great idea to not leave it to the last day this year.

Here is what the complete list looks like:

Newcastle United

8 Aug 2015  3pm  Southampton (H)
15 AUg 2015  3pm  Swansea City (A)
22 Aug 2015  3pm  Manchester United (A)
29 Aug 2015  3pm  Arsenal (H)
12 Sep 2015  3pm  West Ham United (A)
19 Sep 2015  3pm  Watford (H)
26 Sep 2015  3pm  Chelsea (H)
03 Oct 2015  3pm  Manchester City (A)
17 Oct 2015  3pm  Norwich City (H)
24 Oct 2015  3pm  Sunderland (A)
31 Oct 2015  3pm  Stoke City (H)
07 Nov 2015  3pm  AFC Bournemouth (A)
21 Nov 2015  3pm  Leicester City (H)
28 Nov 2015  3pm  Crystal Palace (A)
05 Dec 2015  3pm  Liverpool (H)
12 Dec 2015  3pm  Tottenham Hotspur (A)
19 Dec 2015  3pm  Aston Villa (H)
26 Dec 2015  3pm  Everton (H)
28 Dec 2015  3pm  West Bromwich Albion (A)
02 Jan 2016  3pm  Arsenal (A)
13 Jan 2016  7:45pm  Manchester United (H)
16 Jan 2016  3pm  West Ham United (H)
23 Jan 2016  3pm  Watford (A)
03 Feb 2016  7:45pm  Everton (A)
06 Feb 2016  3pm  West Bromwich Albion (H)
13 Feb 2016  3pm  Chelsea (A)
27 Feb 2016  3pm  Manchester City (H)
02 Mar 2016  7:45pm  Stoke City (A)
05 Mar 2016  3pm  AFC Bournemouth (H)
12 Mar 2016  3pm  Leicester City (A)
19 Mar 2016  3pm  Sunderland (H)
02 Apr 2016  3pm  Norwich City (A)
09 Apr 2016  3pm  Southampton (A)
16 Apr 2016  3pm  Swansea City (H)
23 Apr 2016  3pm  Liverpool (A)
30 Apr 2016  3pm  Crystal Palace (H)
07 May 2016  3pm  Aston Villa (A)
15 May 2016  3pm  Tottenham Hotspur (H)