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Newcastle Makes Desperate Bid For Central Defender

Newcastle tabled a €17m (£12.1) bid on Monaco center back Aymen Abdennour. What makes this bid such a desperate one?

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Multiple sources are reporting a Newcastle bid for AS Monaco central defender and Tunisian international Aymen Abdennour. The reports put the bid at €17m (£12.1m). This is an extremely desperate move when you consider the back story.

If you have seen the movie High Fidelity, brilliantly adapting Nick Hornby's novel of the same, this may feel familiar. It starred John Cusack and Jack Black and was about Rob's (Cusack) introspective coming to terms with his most recent break-up. He catalogs everything into top 5 lists, including the top 5 girls he ever dated. Included in the list was one of his high school girlfriends, Penny Hardwick, a source of frustration to Rob. During their make-out sessions, Rob tries advancing to second base and is denied each time. He once tried going further and got smacked for his efforts. Rob described this like asking to borrow $5, getting rejected, and asking for 50 grand instead.

Newcastle's bid for Abdennour plays the same way. According to Get French Football, Newcastle inquired about Abdennour's services a month ago and got rejected. Now there are reports that Charnley and co have placed a bid with Monaco for €17m!

In addition to the bid, Abdennour has suitors from much more desirable clubs in terms of fame and fortune. Barcelona, AC Milan, Inter, and Juventus all seek the 25 year old's signature. AC Monaco, who just bought him from Toulouse last summer for €13m (£9.25m), are looking to cash in on his demand. They are seeking €30m (£21.35m). This valuation seems extremely steep for a centre back who missed 9 matches due to injury. He missed an additional 7 matches representing Tunisia in the African Cup of Nations.

Mr. Charnley, I know you are desperate to sign players this summer. We see you're linked with some highly desirable and very obtainable players who can score goals. It might be time you started seeking out players like that for the defensive side of the ball, too.