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Play for the Magpies or ride the pine for the Blues ... your choice Austin, Mitrovic

Chelsea have a habit of pilfering Newcastle players and/or targets -- and never playing them. It's like Lucy with the football pulling it away from Charlie Brown the moment before he kicks it. How many times are these players going to let Lucy, I mean Chelsea, sucker them with the carrot of Champions League Football, only to be loaned out and eventually forgotten.

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

The transfer window is open and Newcastle United is already on track to hold several press conferences with the now famous or infamous of you a Magpies fan standard line of "We tried, but we couldn't get them over the line."

One of the biggest villains in transfer time right now is Chelsea. The Blues did win the league last year, yes, but are responsible in my opinion of bringing down the quality of the league they just won.


By buying every player that the middle-tier clubs want by offering them Champions League Football -- and then put them either on the bench, or on loan to another club.

Congratulations, Romelu Lukaku, you're a Blue!

Now go on loan to West Brom and then Everton and never score a goal for Chelesa. At least not in an EPL match. But enjoy your appearances for the Club in the Capital One Cup and early F.A. Cup rounds.

Congratulations, Kevin de Bruyne, you are a Blue!

Now go on loan back to Genk, where you just left and then we'll send you on loan to Werder Bremen before you are transferred to Wolfsburg where now, apparently, we want you back!

Do yourself a favor de Bryune and don't answer the phone.

So, that brings us to Newcastle United.

Chelsea has played a big role in NUFC's striker shortage.

It wouldn't be as infuriating if the players Chelsea draw away from Northeast every actually play for the Blues.

Demba Ba scored 29 goals in 54 appearances for the Magpies and was on course to be a legend at SJP. Then Chelsea turned his head and Ba sprinted for London. In one and half seasons for Chelsea, Ba scored 7 goals for the Blues before eventually being phased out and transferred away to Turkey.

At least Ba got on the pitch 33 times in a Chelsea kit.

Hoping to fill the scoring void left by Ba's departure, Newcastle secured a loan for striker Loic Remy. In one season, starting every EPL match in which he was available to for the Magpies, Remy was a revelation, scoring 14 goals in his 26 appearances.

His loan ended and Newcastle hoped his love of St. James Park and joy at playing each week would be enough to keep Remy in the Northeast.  Not when London and Chelsea called, offering Champions League Football and yada yada yada ...

Welcome to the Blues Loic!

Oh, and end enjoy the bench.

The only reason Remy was able to finally see the pitch on a regular basis was because of Diego Costa's suspension and subsequent injury.

Now Newcastle is looking at potential strikers Charlie Austin and Aleksandar Mitrovic.  Predictably, Chelsea is already in the news looking to hijack one, if not both deals.  Mirtovic scored 27 goals in 50 appearances for Anderlecht last year. My guess is he gets at least half that with Newcastle United next season. Charlie Austin scored 18 goals for Queens Park Rangers last year. My guess is he goes for at least 20 goals with NUFC.

Or  ...

Or  ...

(my Barney impersonation from How I Met Your Mother)

You can sign with Chelsea and either watch next season from the bench or go out on loan.

I know what my choice would be.

Austin and/or Mitrovic would have a chance to be

Legend ...

Wait for it ....


Legendary! (Thanks Barney for helping to make my point).