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Serbian striker could be second signing for Newcastle

It's been a long time coming. We had wondered if Newcastle would ever be involved in the transfer window. It looks like moves could come quickly for two high-profile targets.

Alex Grimm/Getty Images

At the point that Newcastle had not signed anyone for the first month of the transfer window, things were likely to play out in one of two ways.  It could have gone like the Joe Kinnear era where we went ahead and loaned Luuk de Jong in as an afterthought and called things good (which would not be a departure from things we've seen before).  It could also have gone VERY busy all of a sudden.  It looks like we are, thankfully, headed for the latter.  On the heels of Giorginio Wijnaldum's arrival in Newcastle for a medical there are now reports that a deal for Aleksandar Mitrovic is in advanced stages.

According to Sky Sports:

This report has been further strengthened as The Chronicle is suggesting that the agent for the 20 year old with a Champions League pedigree is in Newcastle to negotiate and finalize terms.  The local press haven't had the most stellar of summers, so make of it what you will.  With the US tour looming, however, it makes sense that deals that are in "advanced stages" would be "fast tracked" to get them "over the line".

Georginio Wijnaldum has jetted into the North East to complete a £14.5million deal and now it appears likely that a second transfer will be completed in time for the trip to the US. Mitrovic remains with Anderlecht but the presence of his agent on Tyneside suggests a deal is close.

--The Chron

It is – much like any transfer story – a matter of connecting dots, but it would seem that it would be logical to connect these two. The two sides have to be at least in the same neighborhood with personal terms or it Mitrovic's agent wouldn't have even bothered to fly to Newcastle as it's unlikely he jetted in for a night at the Tup Tup Palace. Mark Douglas has suggested in the above article that Mitrovic has already been provided a squad number (11) and also reported a 5-year deal for the striker.

If, after all the inactivity and recent underwhelming transfers, Newcastle are able to bring in Wijnaldum and Mitrovic on the same day*, positivity will be high around the club.  It will be hard to bridle the optimism that further signings (ESPECIALLY A CB, GUYS FOR THE LOVE OF PETE SIGN A CB) will follow and as a consequence maybe even – we're getting carried away here now – a season in which we won't be in a relegation battle.

*Standard "until he's holding the shirt" disclaimer applies. Your experience may vary.