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Following Wijnaldum signing, it's back to the waiting game

Signing Wijnaldum excited the Newcastle fan base. They will now have to return to default settings and bide their time for the next signing.

This fella still looks set to play a major role for NUFC in 2015.
This fella still looks set to play a major role for NUFC in 2015.
Mark Runnacles/Getty Images

The signing of Georginio Wijnaldum did much to lift the battered spirits of Newcastle fans around the world.  It was widely viewed as a positive move and was covered in a very positive way by the club itself.  Weeks worth of obsessing over the club and transfer rumors connected to the club had paid off finally and it looked likely that there was more to come in quick order.  The tap was flowing, on and ever upward et cetera.  It now looks like a return to the "hurry up and wait" mode of transfer window following, and the recent rumors are more of the same.

Aleksandar Mitrovic, who looked likely to be right on the heels of Gini coming in the doors of St. James' Park, is now back to the "maybe he comes, maybe he doesn't" stage as his father and his agent seem intent on trying to force Porto into an increased interest in the player.  The player is an undeniable talent on the field, but as the transfer "saga" rolls along, it becomes easier and easier to see how he and his entourage also have a bit of a reputation as being difficult to work with off the pitch.  Realistically, though, this is what we do in the transfer window, right?  We get ourselves excited because we're told the club are close to this transfer or that and then start building up the "well, he probably would have been trouble anyway" when (our club specifically) don't manage to finish the deal.  At any rate, as far as we know we're still the frontrunners to land the Anderlecht man, so hurry up and wait.

Charlie Austin is still a name being connected with the club although it has been easier to move on from believing he will ever make it to the northeast.  Is it possible he does end up joining the club and attempting to follow in the footsteps of Alan Shearer – who made a semi-attempt to "recruit" Austin a while back with a lighthearted tweet – and join Newcastle?  Sure.  Lots of things are possible.  At this point in our water treading, we're in and advanced stage of justifying why he won't come.  He doesn't want to leave London.  His girlfriend doesn't want to leave London.  Ultimately, it is starting to feel like maybe, just maybe, Austin stays with QPR.  Maybe Lee Charnley pulls a rabbit out of his hat, but it's not going to be surprising if he doesn't.

Stories persist out there connecting Newcastle with Aymen Abdennour which still seems unlikely, but the fact that Abdennour has not completed a move to one of the other large-reputation clubs with which he had been connected could suggest that a move for the Tunisian isn't as far fetched as it may have seemed a couple of weeks ago.  Joel Matip is still in the conversation as well to which the same thoughts as Abdennour apply.  It wouldn't be a surprise either if Abdennour and Matip just stayed put.  Monaco and Schalke are both Champions League clubs which would make staying put a very viable career decision.

At the end of it all, we've got Gigi and a raft full of rumors and we now hurry up and wait.