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PHOTO GALLERY: Newcastle United open training session in Sacramento

Newcastle United held an open training session at California State University - Sacramento ahead of their friendly with Sacramento Republic.

Newcastle United held their second open training session of their tour of the United States at California State University - Sacramento. Following agility and endurance drills, work turned to offensive ball movement and defending. Coming Home Newcastle's Managing Editor Jim McMeachin made the trip down and was in attendance. This gallery depicts much of the later training.

Following the training, the players were very gracious and made the trip down the line of supporters signing autographs and posing for very many photos with fans meeting their heroes for the very first time.

Newcastle United will be taking on Sacramento Republic tomorrow evening. There will be more photos and better Periscopes as well as twitter coverage. Follow @CHNOSotP for the Periscopes while @ComingHomeNUFC will host most of the twitter action.

All images in this gallery are copyrighted to Jim McMeachin and cannot be used without license. You can contact him at