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Liverpool's Balotelli set for Newcastle loan?

Newcastle have not managed to seal the signing of Charlie Austin, so alternatives are starting to sprout up.

There is a new name being linked with signing-starved Newcastle United.  It is a name that tics a lot of boxes and should be one that excites the fan base.... except it (rightly) probably isn't going to do so.  The man is 24 years old and has a reputation bigger than the entire squad currently on the books at St. James' Park.  He also has the attitude to go along with it.  He has some degree of familiarity with the Premier League game as Newcastle would be his third PL team if a move were to be made.

Mario Balotelli.  In England, he is a personality that has far outshone his ample talents and potential.  When he returns to Italy, it's a bit of a different deal.  His career numbers (total League appearances, goals scored):

Inter - 5 appearances, 2 goals

Manchester City - 54 appearances, 20 goals

AC Milan - 43 appearances, 26 goals

Liverpool - 16 appearances, 1 goal

Liverpool paid £16,000,000 to bring Balotelli back to England from Milan.  That's £1,000,000 per appearance and £16,000,000 per league goal.  It is thought that Steve McClaren believes he can be the manager to harness Balotelli's potential on English shores.  Quotes from the article reporting the loan offer supposed to have been made from Newcastle to Liverpool belie why this is an extraordinarily bad idea.

McClaren, who was appointed as Alan Pardew's successor last month, is a fan of the Italy star and believes he can get the best out of him.

These statements are a dime a dozen during transfer season.  Remove from brain, place directly in trash can.

A Newcastle source told Winnersports: "Something needs to be done – and fast. The season is closing in, the players are back training yet no signings have been made. This cannot go on.

First thing's first:  SOURCES!  A "Newcastle source" could literally be anyone.  It could be a random guy in a Newcastle kit outside the pub, technically speaking.

Second:  This particular quote is the crux of why this is an exceedingly bad idea.  "no signings have been made.  This cannot go on."  I'm as desperate for reinforcements as the next guy, but going out and making a move just because you haven't made any moves and that move being a player who has continually underperformed in the Premier League and has been a source of locker room disruption at best is not the way to go.  If local newspapers are to be believed, Newcastle's dressing room has been prone to fracture over the last several years anyway.  It does not need this kind of help.

"Balotelli may not be to be everyone’s liking but when he is on his day he is a top player and McClaren believes he can get the best out of him."

It's not whether or not Balotelli "is to everyone's liking"... it's whether McClaren can turn a player into a bigger plus than the sizable minus that it is known he will be.

This report may just be people spitballing - that is to say they're throwing anything at the wall to see if it sticks.  The main "report" is from tthe Daily Star and is sourced to another website over the top of that.  It is more than likely not even a consideration, which is fine.  Although the club have not made any moves in the transfer window, it would be best for them to make the "right move" instead of a reactionary "bring any available player in no matter what" move.