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Titi Ameobi: Sammy's heading to Cardiff

Sammy Ameobi's sister may have let the cat out of the bag regarding Sammy Ameobi. Maybe.

Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Newcastle United winger Sammy Ameobi may have signed a new deal with Newcastle United.  Or maybe not.  He might be joining on Cardiff City.  The move may be permanent or it may be a loan deal.  Nobody really knows, but Newcastle twitter is abuzz thanks to a post on instagram from Sammy's big sister Titi:

Ultimately, this triumph of the New Media doesn't give us any real information except to (apparently) confirm recently reported rumors of interest in Sammy by Cardiff City.  Those reports all suggested that Ameobi was set to sign a new deal with Newcastle and join the Welsh side on a year-long loan.  Keeping with the club's complete and utter desire for 0 information to reach the fans at large (understanding that the latest Fans' Forum has just occurred and there may well be information from it, but we won't know for days what that information is), we don't know if Sammy has signed a new contract or whether he has just gone on to join Cardiff City on a free transfer.

Based on representative samples of work, if Steve McClaren can work with Sylvain Marveaux, it would seem unlikely that Ameobi was going to get much run, especially with Rolando Aarons waiting in the wings so any sort of move makes sense for Sammy.  Perhaps by the beginning of the season, we will know what form that move has taken.