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Newcastle confirm Ameobi contract, Cardiff City loan

Newcastle United have confirmed what everyone has already known as Sammy Ameobi moves from NUFC to Cardiff City on a year-long loan.

Stu Forster/Getty Images

Newcastle United have finally confirmed that a) Sammy Ameobi has signed his new contract and b) Sammy has been sent on a year-long loan to Cardiff City.  This is not "news" per se as there have been rumblings for over a week that the two sides were close to agreeing such a deal and Sammy's sister Titi essentially broke the news yesterday on instagram.

Whether or not this series of tweets had anything to do with this announcement finally being made will never be known, but it is miiiiighty suspicious:

Ok... so those likely were entirely coincidental.  The facts are these:  a)  The backroom staff is still not on the official website and b) We have finally received some manner of communication regarding player movement from the club, so today must be a good day.

Hopefully Sammy makes good progress while at Cardiff City and comes back closer to the player that the club have thought he would turn into and more distant from a newly minted copy of Shola.  We'll all be keeping a close eye on him, I'm sure.  Now, to the business of, you know, improving the squad that IS going to be at St. James' Park this year...