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Newcastle winger sets goal-scoring target for 2015-16

Sammy Ameobi has swallowed his pride but not his belief in himself as he spells out his goals for his Cardiff City loan season.

David Jones/Getty Images

It's good to have goals in life.  Hopes and dreams and such.  In many instances these play the role of mile markers, stretching out behind someone as they continue living their life.  For Sammy Ameobi, he is going to hope that his now public goals for his season come to fruition.  If not, this mile marker would be more like an awful misspelled highway road sign.

Explaining why he chose to leave Newcastle on loan this season, Sammy opens up about being the "local kid on the block" and swallowing his pride to drop down to the Championship in order to try to earn Steve McClaren's trust moving forward.  He talks about the weights regime that he has been given by the Cardiff staff which he hopes will help him to continue to be stronger on the pitch, which is really a continuation of what he was trying to do last year.  Hopefully for Sammy it continues to take and can translate further on the pitch.

He goes on in the interview to say "new guy things" such as "I want to play" and "I have to earn the right", but it's his statement of intent for the season that will be raising eyebrows.  Part of his season goal was the aforementioned setting aside of his pride.  He continues on to say:

There would be no point signing for Cardiff in the Championship and feeling I was too good. I want to push, I want to succeed and go back to Newcastle at the end of this season having scored 20 goals.

--Wales Online

Yes push... succeed... wait a minute what?  Sammy has put into the press a stated goal that he will score 20 goals for Cardiff this season.  That's pretty lofty for a player who saw a return of 2 goals in 35 appearances for his club last year.  This is certainly something we'll be keeping an eye on as his loan progresses.  As of this writing, we as Newcastle fans are not the only ones viewing this with some degree of incredulity.  There was a poll included in the article linked above giving ranges of goals and asking how many Sammy would score for Cardiff City and, well...

Sammy Score

We'll be revisiting this soon.