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McLaren: Pardew’s spinning when it comes to Coloccini

Steve McClaren opened up about the situation surrounding Fabricio Coloccini this preseason. He had some strong words for his predecessor.

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Fabricio Coloccini is set to carry on as Newcastle United's captain in spite of minimal involvement in the preseason.  The Argentine center back traveled with the squad on their American tour but made no match appearances which was odd at best.  Recent comments by Steve McClaren may explain exactly why.

'It went beyond speculation. Although people deny it, it (the interest) is a fact. Don't deny it, it's a fact,' he said.

'That's affected Colo in terms of there is somebody out there offering him a three-year contract. I think it was a distraction.'

--The Daily Mail

If the rumor of interest on the part of Pardew and Crystal Palace is in fact true (which Steve McClaren very clearly states there was), especially with an offer of a 3-year contract for a player nearing the end of his career, it is no wonder that Coloccini was not playing a role on the pitch.  Ultimately, the situation drew a statement from Alan Pardew and Crystal Palace on their official website stating that they had no interest in bringing Pardew's former captain to the club.

The three-year contract that McClaren says was on the table from the London club led to a polling of the Newcastle dressing room which ultimately led to Colo's ultimately not being sold, being extended for a year and in fact retaining the captain's armband.

Say what you want about Steve, Colo, the club, whatever.  This moment – in which Alan Pardew has finally been called out – was worth the frustration of not knowing what was going on this preseason.