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Williamson move from Newcastle may not be permanent

Preferred Media Partners™ Sky Sports News have suggested that a move for Mike Williamson away from St. James' Park may not be a permanent one.

Pete Norton/Getty Images

We're still being fed a steady diet of "Newcastle United won't be active on transfer deadline day" by Sky Sports while they for some reason leave one of their reporters at the NUFC training facility.  Understanding that Sky Sports have paid the money to be Super BFFs with the club (Preferred Media Partners, I guess) and combining that with the fact that in previous windows we couldn't even get a sniff of an on-location report, we can surmise exactly nothing.  Their latest on-location report did go an extremely small way toward clarifying the future of a couple of Newcastle defenders, however, so you take what you can get.

Shane Ferguson has extended his loan deal with Milwall, which was originally set to expire in November, to January 9th.  It's hard to see a future for Ferguson at Newcastle, but he has actually been getting some match time at Milwall so maybe he will progress to a degree where he could be a useful player for the Toon when he returns.

The more interesting news was regarding Mike Williamson.  Willo has seen some sustained interest for his services from Championship clubs and it was assumed that any move would be of a permanent variety.  It is now looking as though a potential move away from St. James' Park could be of a loan variety.  Although somewhat surprising, it makes sense for Newcastle to keep some degree of control over the man of 1,000,000 NUFC lives as they still have not adequately strengthened the position to the point where it would make sense to send one of their existing senior CBs away on a permanent basis.  Still no solid word to where this loan move could be, but it is still most likely to be the Championship.