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Haris Vučkić Signs Contract Extension

The Slovenian midfielder is going on loan to League One team Wigan Athletic.

Vučkić celebrates scoring for the Rangers
Vučkić celebrates scoring for the Rangers
Mark Runnacles/Getty Images

According to the Daily Mail among others, Haris Vučkić, who played on loan for the Rangers last season, has signed a contract extension. During his time with the Rangers, he scored in the double digits, and he also impressed with a solo goal against Ajax in a U-21 club friendly this summer.

Vučkić was undoubtedly the most successful of the 5 players Newcastle loaned to the Rangers. While Vučkić was busy scoring goals, the rest received a minimal amount of playing time. The young Slovenian midfielder speculates that he could have made more of an impact playing for Newcastle, but a string of unfortunate injuries derailed that path.

Vučkić's new team, Wigan Athletic, were relegated from the Championship to League One after finishing second to last in the league table. The news of Vučkić's loan to Wigan follows a recent 1-0 win over Crewe Alexandra and comes in the midst of a few other rumors. Presumably, Wigan are hoping to shore up their team and claw their way back to the Championship next year.