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Hatem Ben Arfa is scoring all the goalz!

Ben Arfa is scoring goals for fun in France, but he was what he was at Newcastle.

Gareth Copley/Getty Images

Hatem Ben Arfa is scoring goals for fun during his new lease on life at Nice in Ligue 1.  It's fun to poke at Newcastle United about this fact given their somewhat goal-shy ways thus far in the Premier League.  Here's the thing:  Ben Arfa scored some nice goals during his time at Newcastle, but he never once scored for the Toon at any level close to what he is producing right now for Nice.  His recent form does not mean that Newcastle have made a poor decision regarding a player who has an injury history and displayed attitude problems both under Alan Pardew and subsequently Steve Bruce during his ill-fated time at Hull City.

I understand where this is coming from.  "Newcastle only have 5 goals in 7 matches and this other player who was there one time has goals hahahahahahaha so they made a terrible mistake sending him away didn't they because look at all the goals (but nevermind the body of evidence over years where he didn't produce at that level when he was physically at the club we're suggesting screwed up by sending him away because LOL ALL THE GOALZ)".  This same logic applies to Alan Pardew.

Trolling is a thing on the internet these days, and I get that.  We're at the point where Newcastle fans are trolling each other with these fake memories of Ben Arfa and Pardew.  Let us all resolve to stop it.  Just cut it out.  Ben Arfa and Pardew were exactly what they were at our club and whatever is happening now has no effect on Newcastle.  There is neither a way to prove nor disprove that either one f them would be achieving at any level above what they proved over years that they were at Newcastle.  There is nothing productive by poking and prodding and the above mentioned attitude.

Pardew and Ben Arfa are gone and they were what they were.  Let it go.