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Club bangs head against wall, loses again: Newcastle 1 - 2 Watford

What? Trying exactly the same thing that didn't work last time didn't work this time? I for one am shocked.

Dan Mullan/Getty Images

Newcastle United played about 25 good minutes today when they really needed a result against Watford at Vicarage Road.  Oddly, it turns out that you can't just ship 65 minutes in a Premier League match and come away with anything at all.  Jonjo Shelvey was as anonymous this week as he was influential last.  Aleksandar Mitrovic didn't score again (and didn't look great doing other things either).  Jamal Lascelles scored from a corner though (!).  Emanuel Riviere made his triumphant return for one of those fun patented McClaren Handful Of Minutes Impact Appearances™.  Aside from the scoreline, this played out exactly the same way as our loss in the FA Cup did. Start with a 3-CB system, succeed for a couple minutes, see it come collapsing down.  Change nothing, concede.  Concede again.  Change formation.  Remember how to football.  Score unlikely goal.  Control play for another 7 minutes.  Forget how to football.  Ship points.

I said this months ago. We need to start earning points, and we need to do it NOW.  We can't count on the clubs around us staying within touching distance forever and pulling out of the relegation zone on the last day.  Jonas can't save us.

Go pat your cat or your dog.  Have a cup of OJ (It's good for you).  Do something to wipe this wretched club from your mind for a few hours.