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Rob Lee: 'No one' on current Newcastle squad would make my team

Rob Lee was asked some questions bout the current version of Newcastle United. His answers were somewhat blunt and might surprise you.

Ben Radford/Getty Images
It's not very often that we're able to bring you interviews with past or even present Newcastle United players.  This will be a special treat.  Rob Lee (yes, THAT Rob Lee) was interviewed as part of his involvement with a Play With A Legend event in Newcastle.  (If you're into baseball, think Fantasy Camp but on a one off format.)  Read on to find out what the former Entertainer thinks about the current Newcastle United setup.

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Is the Premier League still the best league in the world?

"Without a doubt. It’s the hardest league, it’s the best league. I think that’s why there’s the most money and people want to play in the Premier League. They go on about La Liga being the best because they’ve got Barcelona, Real Madrid and good players but I think for competition you can see by the results, this season especially with how much Man City and Chelsea have struggled. There are no easy games. It’s a tough, tough league."

Are Newcastle United under the right manager at the moment?

"Yeah, I don’t think you can blame the manager at the moment. I think he’s found it tough. I think it has been a tougher job than he thought. I’m not sure who’s buying the players. He needs to be able to buy players that have got Premier League experience because we keep buying these foreign players from France, Holland and they can take one, two sometimes three years to get used to the Premier League. It is a tough league."

So, Jonjo Shelvey is a good signings?

"Yes, I think it’s a good signing. You wonder why Swansea would sell us their best player for £12m when we’re both in a relegation dog fight. I think that’s a good signing as I’ve seen him since he was a kid at Charlton. He’s a talented boy and you just hope he’s got the right temperament and the right attitude to succeed at Newcastle."

If Newcastle don’t face the drop who will?

"Well, I think Villa are gone. I think they’re in serious trouble. They’re too far behind, and not enough good players. I think Swansea now will be in trouble, they’re going to find it very tough. Then you’re looking at Norwich or Sunderland."

Who from the current Newcastle side would you have liked to have in your team?

"No-one. No-one would have got in. Absolutely not."

Is that a massive indictment of Newcastle’s current situation?

"Yeah, that is as that. I look around the team and people will probably disagree with me, but I can’t see any of them getting into the team. We had a very good team. Maybe defensively we weren’t the strongest."

ED: Special thanks to Dale O'Donnell for providing these questions and answers for our use here.  You can also find Play With A Legend on the twitter.

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