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Will Aleksandar Mitrovic Start For Newcastle?

Aleksandar Mitrovic seems to have proven his worth, but will he start for Newcastle United?

Serbia v Austria - FIFA 2018 World Cup Qualifier Photo by Srdjan Stevanovic/Getty Images

Aleksandar Mitrovic impressed many during his time with Serbia throughout the international break. Is it possible that he could find himself in the starting lineup against Brentford tomorrow?

Newcastle boss Rafa Benitez stated that he is impressed with the improvement of Mitrovic in Newcastle practices. Mitrovic also scored twice for Serbia during the international break, prompting fans to discuss the possibility of him getting his name on the team sheet against Brentford.

So far Dwight Gayle has dominated the team sheet as striker, and he’s certainly earned his spot. Benitez finds himself in a tough position, especially after Dwight Gayle became a literal hat-trick hero against Norwich City, scoring a game winner late in added time.

The obvious solution would be two put both Mitrovic and Gayle together up front, and double the attacking power. Newcastle United’s defense has been strong so far, despite slacking against Norwich. Midfield has been extremely creative, and having both Gayle and Mitrovic as options could create a lot of attacking depth against a Brentford defense that has done well so far this season.

An issue that has concerned Rafa Benitez and many fans is the discipline of the player. The Serbian certainly is an attacking threat, but if he gets a red card, that threat becomes null.

Right now, Mitrovic seems to have proven his worth. We won’t know until he gets a chance to start, and perhaps tomorrow will be his chance.