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Time to Give Matz Sels a Second Chance?

The goalkeeper has been out of sight and out of mind.

Matz Sels had gotten off to a rough start in the Championship, and was treated unfairly by Newcastle United fans on social media that led to him deleting his Twitter account.

He was almost nowhere to be seen last month as Newcastle United went on a winning streak. In fact, we haven’t really given Sels much thought since the last time he made a league appearance.

Karl Darlow has definitely been doing a fabulous job as the top stopper, but as Newcastle extends their lead in the Championship, could it possibly be time to let Sels take over net to get back into the swing of things?

It’s obvious that Darlow has been doing better in training, and has the results to prove that he has been the better keeper thus far. That much is certain. But I believe that Rafa Benitez is in a good position see if Matz Sels is ready to try again.

Sels is by no means a bad keeper, and has one of the best upsides in a keeper I’ve seen in a while at Newcastle United. Soon, however, the fight for the keeper spot will get tighter with Rob Elliot to join the race soon.

While training is a good indicator of progress, we won’t truly know how far Sels has come since earlier this season until he plays in a match that really matters. I believe that it is time to give Sels another chance in net for Newcastle United while the club is on a hot streak.