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Tooth fairy delivers two goals for Dwight Gayle

Dwight Gayle receives two goals from the tooth fairy against Leeds United.

Fulham v Newcastle United - Sky Bet Championship Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Alright kids, do not let anyone tell you that the tooth fairy doesn’t exist, because she delivered two goals for Newcastle United’s Dwight Gayle yesterday that led to a stellar victory over Leeds at a sold out stadium.

Dwight Gayle may have learned his lesson that you shouldn’t brag about how much money you make after being knocked unconscious and losing four teeth at a Liverpool bar. He was out celebrating fellow teammate Jamaal Lascelles, who just turned 23 on November 11th.

After the incident, it was speculated that Aleksandar Mitrovic would get the nod to start the match. After all, being knocked out is no laughing matter. Concussion protocols, and heck, the loss of four teeth!

But that didn’t stop Dwight Gayle from continuing to dominate the league in goals. The two goals scored were what had given Newcastle United the ability to win the match. It’s something that Dwight Gayle does often.

All I got when I lost my teeth was a dollar. And I spent it on candy.