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Newcastle United Leave Eric Bristow Out

Eric Bristow has been dropped from Darts Legends night at St. James Park.

Fight4change Charity Event Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images

In a move that surprised no one, Eric Bristow will not be playing in the Darts Legends at St. James Park after the man openly criticized victims of sexual abuse. This is a sensitive topic for many, and to be openly mocking those who are victims of such trauma is disgusting.

You can read his offensive tweets here. Read at your own will.

It’s not just Newcastle that have taken action, however, as Sky Sports have given Bristow the axe from his job with the company.

Sexual abuse is not something to make light of. It’s a serious problem, and to belittle those who have suffered from it, calling them “wimps”, is an absolutely disgusting act. Newcastle have stated that they will not be working with Bristow in the future.

He will be replaced by Kevin Painter. Good riddance Bristow.