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Will Dwight Gayle Succeed in the Premier League?

Dwight Gayle has been on fire this season, but if promotion happens, will he continue his hot streak?

Newcastle United v Cheltenham Town: EFL Cup Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

Dwight Gayle has certainly proven himself this season scoring 11 goals in 12 Championship appearances. If you want to find an easy reason as to why the club is leading the Championship, Dwight Gayle is your man.

I often have a history of being skeptical. And this is one of those moments where I ask myself: will he continue this form in the Premier League?

My answer is going to be ‘no’, and allow me to defend it before I start flagging comments.

Dwight Gayle, at 26, is getting to the point where he’s as good as he’s going to be. And to dominate in the Championship has never meant success in the Premier League. It’s like saying a quarterback in college will be great in the NFL. You just can’t compare the two.

Yeah, both leagues are similarly competitive, but the talent that competes is a different story. Let’s face it, the competition in the Championship is filled with yo-yo clubs. Newcastle United doesn’t belong there. The club is too wealthy, and the teams that make up the Championship aren’t even close to the size that Newcastle is.

It makes it very easy for some players to succeed when they’re on a club like this. But going into the Premier League, I question whether Dwight Gayle will retain his form against much tougher opponents.

What do you guys think? Will Dwight Gayle succeed in the Premiership, or do you expect him to struggle?