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Jonjo Shelvey is Facing a Five-Match Ban for Racial Abuse

Newcastle’s Jonjo Shelvey is facing a serious five-match ban for racial abuse.

Newacaslte United v Brighton & Hove Albion: Sky Bet Championship Photo by Steve Welsh/Getty Images

Newcastle United midfielder and creative director, Jonjo Shelvey, could be missing at a minimum five matches for improper conduct during Newcastle’s defeat to Wolverhampton over a month ago reports The Guardian.

With the FA taking a very serious stance on racial, ethnic, and national abuse, the minimum ban is five matches. If there is anything else involved in the investigation, Shelvey could be out a lot longer than that.

This news is seriously detrimental to Newcastle United as Shelvey has been crucial to the club’s overwhelming goalscoring success. Despite having a commanding lead in the Championship, Benitez will be facing a tough decision as to whom Shelvey’s replacement will be.

We will of course be taking a much closer look at the situation in the coming hours and days. Do you think that Jonjo Shelvey is innocent? What about the ban? Is it too little for a serious offense such as this?

Let us know your thoughts.