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Social Media Round Up: Matz Sels, One Awful Ref, and a Ton of Unhappy Fans

You guys really don’t like Matz Sels

Hull City v Newcastle United - EFL Cup Quarter-Final Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

Hey guys, we are starting something new here at Coming Home Newcastle; every single week we will be featuring your thoughts, tweets, memes etc. in a new segment called “The Social Media Roundup”. I’m Elijah, and I’ll be your tour guide every week, leading you through this vast and mysterious place we call the internet. This was a big week filled with * gasp * controversy, so without further ado, let’s begin.

Hull City vs. Newcastle

A ton of you guys were super involved on Twitter last Tuesday as we took on Hull. Here are some of your thoughts on that game.

A few of you thought this was going to be a cakewalk

When we went into Penalties we polled you guys, and you all weren’t to keen on putting all of our hopes and dreams into the hands of Matz Sels. Most of you cried out for Expert Penalty Shootout Specialist Tim Krul.

Once the harsh reality set in that we actually lost this game, a lot of fans were frankly still in shock that we actually lost this game and were convinced it never should have happened.

Some fans did give us some solid post game analysis including, pointing out that we had a lot of shots and we couldn’t convert hardly any of the chances.

Michael Gallon brought up a solid point that there was a lot of Matz Sels hate even though we failed to convert the plethora of chances we were given. That wasn’t the most insightful tweet of the day though; that award goes to NUFC Stats for reassuring fan that we are still undefeated with Goufran in the lineup... well kind of.

A Lot of People Don’t Like Matz Sels

After that game, a lot of fans gave Matz Sels the hammer. Sels made a few mistakes, but who doesn’t make mistakes sometimes? Granted those mistakes did cost us the game.

You get the idea, a lot of people were not happy. We gave fans some time to cool of and we asked a few days later if the Matz Sels hate was warranted and you guys did not have a change of heart.

Sels wasn’t even safe on Friday when he wasn’t even in the lineup.

That of course came after an excellent first half from Darlow, but, there are some fans who still have faith in Matz Sels even if it’s only in FIFA 17


Friday we took on Nottingham Forest, and many of you guys think we got cheated out of win thanks to some bad refereeing by Steve Martin and some great acting by Henri Lansbury.

Post game analysis started off well, but eventually we got back to the point where we all remember that we should not have lost that game.

After all of the Steve Martin Hostility ended, and people moved on with their lives we still were able to look back on the day and laugh. An awkward situation occurred Friday night as a lot of the fans who were angry at Referee Steve Martin ended up actually attacking the actor Steve Martin on Twitter.

That’s it for this week. Join us next week as we do the same thing. If you aren’t following us on Twitter, you’re making a huge mistake so you should go ahead and follow us at @ComingHomeNUFC. We love interacting with you guys on social media, so keep firing those tweets at us, keep sending us memes, and of course never stop using those glorious GIFs.