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We Want You!!

Coming Home Newcastle is looking to expand its team, and we want talented individuals like yourself to join it.

Coming Home Newcastle is one of the best sites for news, opinions and analysis pertaining to the wonderful football club Newcastle United. We are currently in the midst of expanding our team and we are looking for dedicated fans such as yourself to fill a number of roles here at CHN.

There’s a ton of room for people to join us and if you are interested in any of the following roles shoot an email to either Bryan Nelson at or Jeremiah Oshan at

Contributor: This is a role for people who often find themselves getting into twitter debates over football related news, or often feel like their friends tell them to stop talking about football all the time, or maybe just know they’d love to able to contribute to this blog. Contributors are the backbone of this site, they provide content for us whether that be news, opinions, analysis, and a plethora of other ways to provide content for this site. We only ask that you contribute 2 times a week because we know that the majority of us are incredibly busy and do have lives outside of watching/talking about football. If you think you would enjoy providing content for us in any way whether that be writing articles, editorials or even doing a podcast feel free to contact Jeremiah or Bryan.

Editor: If you find yourself constantly noticing grammatical errors when reading news on the internet or constantly correcting your friends’ grammar on social media, or constantly correcting your mom’s grammar when she sends you a text, you would fit in well as an editor for Coming Home Newcastle. If you think you would enjoy editing here at Coming Home Newcastle, don’t be hesitant to reach out Bryan or Jeremiah.

Media Specialists: If you are Social Media Guru, or great with photoshop, or if you can create videos like it’s nobody’s business, you would thrive as a Media Specialist for Coming Home Newcastle. We are looking for people to join our media team here at Coming Home Newcastle, and if you are interested shoot an email to Bryan or Jeremiah.

Experience is not necessary. Whether you are an established writer in the sports journalism/blogging community or just want to try it out, we would love to have you. There is no age limit or minimum age to join us, if you believe that you have skills that could benefit this site, by all means let us know, we would love to have you. This is an opportunity to grow, learn, and meet a ton of cool people who love football! If you’re interested in any way, be sure to seize this opportunity!

With your help, we can become not only one of the best sites in the SB Nation community but one of the best sites in the world that covers everything Newcastle United!

Step out of your comfort zone, seize the opportunity, and take that first step towards success! You have amazing talents and we would love to have you join us!