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Saido Berahino tweets, world scratches its head

Sky's golden topic of Transfer Deadline Day has not moved (just as suspected), but he has spoken on twitter dot com!

Stu Forster/Getty Images

On what was a slow end to a somewhat busy January for Newcastle United, Saido Berahino became the player on which many people (including Sky Sports News) became fixated.  In spite of multiple offers having been rejected by West Brom and in spite of repeatedly insisting that the young striker wouldn't be sold, he was the biggest name that was able to be connected to a move (and ostensibly keep butts in front of TVs) and everyone around knew it.

There is a lot of discussion to be had about Newcastle's window activity and also about a deadline day on which they were said to want three players while only bringing in one. That time will come soon, but BERAHINO.  IT'S ALL HAPPENING (well nothing really, actually) and we must squeeze another hour and a half of coverage out of this event that we've created.  Anyway, Berahino didn't move (just like WBA said) in spite of a reported £24m cash deal offered by Newcastle United (which brings up another question, but again... later).

The most exciting thing that happened during 10 + hours of coverage is that Berahino left training before everyone else.  Anyway, Berahino was likely as tired of the situation as everyone who watched any amount of the Sky coverage and he sent this tweet out:

Exactly what does this mean? It's hard to say.  Is he content that he didn't move?  Older and wiser, etc.? Is a supreme hissy fit on the way?  Only time will tell... but don't worry, Sky will likely be broadcasting it one way or the other.