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We got what we wanted, time to get behind Rafa

Newcastle United have a shiny, desirable, pedigreed manager at last. It's time for us as supporters to break out of our negative support loops and give everything that we have to the club and our new man.

Denis Doyle/Getty Images

So you've got a shiny new manager.  He's got pedigree, clout, reputation.  He's not the retread "but he's British!" options (excluding Chris Hughton... you're good, Chris.) that you've been force fed for so many years.  He is every bit the answer to everything you've been shouting about every time the words "Newcastle United" and "manager" (or "head coach"... spit...) were mentioned together in the same sentence.  He is the embodiment of the club *finally* holding up their hands and admitting that maybe – just maybe – they don't know best.  It's acknowledgement of every bit of empirical evidence that exists with regard to Newcastle United and the Mike Ashley era.  It. feels. so. good.

In the grandest tradition of ABC's show Once Upon a Time:


The club have listened... finally.  Whether it is active listening or accidental listening by lucking into a right decision for once, the fact remains: The club have given us what we have been desperate for.  Not since the days of Sir Bobby have we had a manager with a CV like that owned by Rafael Benitez.  Along with that he brings Premier League experience... Champions League experience... all with Premier League clubs.

The cost (outside of what is likely a very large stack of £s):  Unconditional support for the team.  We are at the beginning of a 10-match fight for our Premier League survival.  We have been given a manager that ticks every box on our wish list as fans.  It is now incumbent upon us as fans to stop with the excuses.  "I'll support if" or "I would give more but"... We have 5 home matches left.  That means 262,025 tickets must be sold.  262,025 voices lifted in support of players and a team that have given us no shortage of reasons to become calloused and jaded towards.  The club have started to exhibit reasons to believe that this could be for real.  They have spent in the transfer market (albeit not always effectively, right Mr. Thauvin?)... they have brought in a real, bona fide manager.  The hope is that Rafa will be the kick in the pants that the players need to start putting a decent product on the pitch.  On our end, the club have given us the tools.  It's time to put up or shut up.  Howay!