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You need Aleksandar Mitrovic's celebration in your life

Seriously, though.

Stu Forster/Getty Images

Maybe you watched the derby.  Maybe you didn't.  Either way, you know you need this celebration in your life.  Aleksandar Mitrovic, who has struggled to a degree in front of goal in his debut Premier League season today scored the goal that may just give us all hope that this relegation battle may have a positive end...  but that's for the coming weeks to play out.  What matters today is that this happened after he scored:

If Mitrovic has any reputation on Tyneside, that reputation is that he is a bit of a nutter.  It's probable that the reasons behind this are 50% his personality and 50% his actual love for this club.  It's 100% nailed on that his reputation as a nutter is exactly what went flashing through this pitch invader's mind as he approached Mitrovic mid-celebration and Mitro launched toward him.  In the perfectly scripted version of this celebration, the pitch invader catches Mitro in his arms, the orchestra hits a sweeping crescendo and they ride off into the sunset.  The way it worked out in real life was fine, too.