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Rafa Watch: What is Twitter Saying?

Many believe retaining Rafa Benitez is a requirement for Newcastle's hope for immediate promotion.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Keeping Rafa Benitez is like aloe vera after a sunburn. The pain is not going anywhere, and there is only one thing that will alleviate it. As soon as the whistle blew on the Sunderland vs. Everton match the Rafa Watch train fired up its engines. Nothing more than speculation to be found at present, but that should not stop everyone from leaning on Twitter to gauge the speed of the locomotive.

Today's buzzword is "productive".

And then this petition nonsense happened. I can not see how this will influence him, but if it helps the fan base to believe then no harm. It all seems bread and circus while one match still remains, and the professional Rafa will put his best foot forward until the season is officially over.

My personal favorite.