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This was a Fun and Cool Thing that Newcastle United did

Concluding a long and terrible season, Newcastle United signed out of the Premier League in style.

Stu Forster/Getty Images

It was a long, horrible, terrible season.  There wasn't very much good about it until the final 10 matches of the season... well... maybe final 6 matches of the season.  Anyway... there wasn't just a preponderance of Very Good Things that happened.  That is not to say that nothing good happened.  Of course a Very Good Thing happened on the last day of the season... an [insert preferred style of salute here] to the Premier League before a season in the Championship.

We've moved on to wondering which players and members of the leadership structure may have seen their last match as a part of our club.  The club have returned to relative silence.  We are likely in a holding pattern overall as players and fans alike are holding their collective breath to see what Rafa does.  Once he decides, all hell is likely to break loose.  Or not.  Depending on which way he decides.  In the mean time, why not celebrate this Very Good Thing that happened this past weekend.  As Spurs were playing for local pride and position in the table, we had nothing... and we thrashed them.  Enjoy!