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Newcastle United midfielder's words are nice, but PR

They give you the warm fuzzies and a smidgeon of hope... which is the point.

Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

When Newcastle United's relegation was confirmed, we knew the deluge of "they're staying/they're going" stories would start.  We had a bunch of initial "gains" in the form of comments from players saying that they would stay and fight to get the club back up.  We've had comments regarding a "player" suggesting that there is no way in hell he stays.  All of this is expected.  It seems, however, that a player who many people would have had joining the ranks of the latter story group is prepared to potentially stay with the club in the Championship.

Giorginio Wijnaldum has come out and said that "he will not force a move" away from Newcastle.  It all seems very encouraging and everything.  Here's our leading goal-scorer from last season saying words and implying that he could have a future with the club.  The thing is... He's not going to "force a move".  He won't need to.  Someone is going to come in for him and make an offer.  Assuming that it is an offer that at least pays back his transfer fee when he joined the club, one would assume he will be moved.

It feels nice, sure.  We were warned, however, that these kind of stories were coming.  When Mike Ashley brought in his PR guru to help deal with the relegation of the club, this is exactly the kind of thing he was brought in to do.  This story does nothing but preserve whatever Gini's value is on the market at this point.  "Look at him!  He's not a malcontent!"  It's the perpetual challenge supporting Newcastle United these days.  You get some suggestion that maybe, just maybe, things will be changing.  You are then brought crashing back down to earth by this action or that which shows you that it's really (at its most basic level) business as usual.