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Newcastle United leaked jersey is not terrible

Leaks are always something to be taken with a grain of salt. Jersey leaks are usually at least close, so...

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

There are sign posts in the off season that will demonstrate to you that even though things are relatively slow news wise.  One of those could be considered to be the annual rumors about Newcastle United's manager.  Will he stay, will he go, should he stay, should he go.  (Ok- this one is probably a little fabricated, but...) The opening of the transfer window is another.  The earliest of those is the "leaked photos" of the new season's kits.  We have our first ideas of what the 2016/2017 Newcastle United home kits will probably look like.

As with many stories based on "leaks" or "rumors", this should be couched in a very strong "this is completely way unofficial" kind of vibe... but generally these early leaks have been pretty close to the actual thing, so...

Without further ado, here are the images that have been put forward as to what our Championship home jerseys will look like:  (provide your own grain of salt.  Your experience may vary)

It represents a departure from where Puma had been living with regard to their interpretation of black-and-white stripes.  No thorns this year.  No blue stripes running up and down the black stripes.  It's a straight ahead (normal?) interpretation on its base level.  They couldn't resist adding random colors, however, as collar and sleeves feature "Victory Gold" coloration.  The new Wonga logo is .... still morally objectionable but significantly less of an eyesore considered on a purely visual level.

What are your thoughts?  Happy?  Angry?  Otherwise?  Let us know below.