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Craig Hope Tells Us Rafa Staying Is More Than Hope

Craig Hope has been a trusted source. This tweet should soothe our anxiety.

Stu Forster/Getty Images

Here at Coming Home Newcastle we put a high degree of faith in our glorious leader Jim. Jim, in turn, puts a high degree of confidence in what the Daily Mail's Craig Hope reports. Last Tuesday Jim wrote about how Rafa remaining at Tyneside was more than just a "verbal" agreement. Hope reports Rafa Benitez has "agreed to stay", noting that Rafa was "pressing ahead with plans for next season".

While those words were a welcomed salve to the wound of relegation, the week since has been filled with little more than speculation and reports of productive talks. Hope, however, recently tweeted this:

Three days earlier Craig set the terms of when Rafa would sign.

Until news breaks of the contract being signed we are all waiting on the edge of our seats, grasping at any bit of information that will allow us to believe Ashley and his crew will make the right decision. Yet the waiting really is nothing more than a form of Pascal's Wager. If you have to trust someone, why not trust the person who is telling you what you want to hear? Should Rafa sign, and I believed Rafa would sign, then I have optimized my happiness.

We have been so starved of happiness that I will sit squarely in Craig Hope's camp until he proves me wrong.