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A Mighty Wyn Blows on Friday

A Mighty Wyn Blows: Newcastle United news and other links to make you a better person for May 27, 2016

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Jim and I talked a bit this morning about the name of our new morning piece. He and I like the idea of leveraging the legendary Wyn Davies, but Jim suggested a bit of a tweak on the theme. We would love to hear from you, our beautiful and intelligent readers. Do you have a favorite between "Reap the Wild Wyn" and "A Mighty Wyn Blows"? The idea machine is still churning, and hopefully those ideas will allow us to build on our CHN community.

Ok, let's kick the ball.

We are twenty four hours removed from Rafa Benitez injecting the club and its supporters with a reason to look forward to a season in the Championship League. I cannot tell you when to replace your jacket of joy with the cloak of critical thought, but at some point the emotional high will dissipate leaving us to evaluate the decisions made leading up to the 2016/17 season.

Maybe it starts with resetting how we perceive Newcastle's leadership. Goldenwave91 gave a very astute observation in the comment sections of yesterday's Wyn regarding what Rafa's signing says about Ashley.

Him (Rafa) staying is obviously huge for team tactics but it is also a gigantic endorsement of Ashley whether everyone likes it or not.

We have become accustomed to misery, and projecting the anger from that condition onto Mike Ashley, Lee Charnley and Graham Carr. While all three might not be deserving of paused criticism, this is something they did get right. Maybe we push the reset button on our vitriol.

Rafa Benitez has numbed pain of relegation - Newcastle MUST allow this to be a clean break

The Chronicle's Rob Lee is skeptical that Rafa's signing is actually a break from the way Ashley has been running the club. Yet Rafa being here appears to represent a break from how things have be done. The future looks bright.

Roy Hodgson reassures Andros Townsend over his England prospects at relegated Newcastle

Andros is a player perceived as one who must be retained if Newcastle hopes for a quick return to the Premier League. Roy Hodgson, the coach of England's national team, assures Townsend that what league he plays in will not impact his national team status. Check out Miles Starforth's piece at the Sunderland Echo.

Newcastle Odds-On for Promotion

I am not a gambler so I cannot speak to the accuracy of bookmakers and their relegation odds. Tim Clement over at SportingLife writes about how Rafa's hiring has made Newcastle a favorite for promotion.

Roma join West Ham in pursuit of Newcastle star Georginio Wijnaldum as agent confirms 'player has to think about his future'

Not a lot of meat to Simon Jones' article at the Daily Mail, but it's worth noting that Gini's options are increasing.

Newcastle keen on a move for Leeds United starlet

Remember last May when Newcastle was linked to Leeds United's Lewis Cook? Many are reporting he's a Rafa target. Josh Dixon at The 72 gives us his thoughts.

Newcastle fans come up with brutal descriptions of burgers named after past and present players

Jim shared this with me. You know things are going well for your club when naming burgers after your coach is news.

DeAndre Yedlin destroyed an Ecuador player's ankles with this move

I hate that Yedlin plays for Sunderland, but I like Spurs and I love our US national team. Rob Usry at Cartilage Free Captain highlights Yedlin's sick play during Wednesday night's match against Ecuador.

The men who live as dogs: 'We're just the same as any person on the high street'

Sometimes it's best to just let the title sell itself. This is one of those times.