I Was Wrong to Hope: It's Over

Stu Forster/Getty Images

Just look at the table below. Both Sunderland and Norwich play Everton. Everton lost to Leicester 3-1, and they didn't look organized enough for the match to be that close.

Let's be very clear: It's over. Go play with the numbers if that will bring you comfort. Speculate on the probability of survival if it helps you sleep. Sunderland needs only to draw both matches in order to remain above the drop zone.

Sunderland and Norwich also face Watford. Maintain the position that you will withhold your opinion on the matter until you see how Watford plays tomorrow against Liverpool.

We all have to believe in something to make it through life.

Rafa Benitez has been depositing funds into our hope bank for the past four weeks. Today the players forged the proper papers, made fake IDs and withdrew everything. We are now broke. Cisse failed. Mitrovic failed. Colback failed. Was Gini in the match? Jonjo never saw the pitch. De Jong was the last ditch sub off the bench. Oh, he also did nothing.

The opportunities were there, but in typical fashion there was no finish. This team sadly lacks anyone, outside of Townsend, to lean on when desperate for results. Yes the Mitrovic equalizer against Sunderland was passionate. Sure Colback's equalizer against LIverpool was fortuitous. But let's be honest. There was little quality in any of those. Even Mitrovics goal was more about opportunity than execution.

This is a team of stones, and somehow Rafa was able to bleed them for a time. Draw Manchester City. Draw Liverpool. Draw Villa? How is that even possible?

This was always going to happen. We just didn't see it. Sunderland was always better prepared to stay up. They weren't winning, but they were always getting points. They have the striker in Jermain Defoe. Newcastle, at best, has high effort role players.

Forgot to remind you: Newcastle finishes against Spurs. This club can't score against Villa.

Enjoy your "glass half full". I'll save a seat for you at the table of "you wasted your time".

Norwich 31 points* Sunderland 27 points* Newcastle 25 points*
at Palace 0 Leicester 0 at Southampton 1/0
Sunderland 0 at Norwich 3 Swansea 3
at Arsenal 0 Arsenal 0/1 Man City 0/1
Man Utd 0 at Stoke 1 at Liverpool 0/1
Watford 3 Chelsea 0/3 Palace 3
at Everton 0 Everton 0 at Aston Villa 3/1
at Watford 3 Spurs 0
Initial Projection 34 34 35

Present Points**
31 35 34

* As of 4/2/2016

** As of 5/7/2016

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