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Reap the Wild Wyn on Thursday

Reap the Wild Wyn: Newcastle United news and other links to make you a better person for June 16, 2016

Matthias Hangst/Getty Images

If it's Thursday it has to be England vs. Wales!!!!

I had planned on getting this out before the match, but my family treated me to a birthday/Father's Day breakfast at 8:00 am EST. This meant my son had to leave his apartment far earlier than he would have liked. This meant my daughter, who has been getting up at 6:00 am EST the past three days to work at a local coffee shop, would still not enjoy the deep sleep that is summer vacation.

After a memory nothing short of sublime, work demanded I give it attention. This meant I would be streaming the England/Wales match on the iPad. On mute. So I missed the fanfare of all three goals. Thank Zeus for DVR technology. Congratulations to the Three Lions for stepping up. Wales should not be ashamed, or disheartened. In my dream world they both move on.

Quick closing comment about the Western European team that has taken my heart. Iceland. (If you didn't read yesterday's Wyn, or the comments, this is a direct cut at myself along with my failed expression of geographic irony. So laugh.) My best friend from college has made two trips to Iceland in the past year. We'll be going next year. The hiking is amazing. The people are amazing. Adventure photographer Chris Burkard did a photo shot of Iceland (see below) that blew me away. He's been there so many times. Through others filling me with geographical and cultural love I am morally obligated to pull for them.

OK, let's kick the ball.

The Latest: England beats Wales 2-1 at Euro 2016

If your first stop of the day is this fan blog then you deserve this link. You also deserve my love.

Roma Closing In On Agreement For Newcastle United Midfielder

Take a wild guess. Other reports are saying he has asked his agent directly to find him a new club.

Rafa Benitez, Newcastle and 'dwarfication': Why the Championship is now among Europe's elite leagues

Heard of the term 'dwarfication'? I hadn't before I read this article. I had not considered the impact of bigger clubs being relegated, and to a greater extent how other leagues are also dealing with it. There is also a question of competition as we understand success. I have argued promotion will be an uphill battle considering what decisions teams like Leeds and Aston Villa are making, and this article seems to validate that potential. Curious what you think.

Report: Newcastle approach Alexandre Mendy after six-goal season, he prefers Guingamp move

One day after the article on how Rafa has confidence in Spanish players we get this piece on a French player. It appears to be a dead end based on Mendy's preference to stay on the continent.

Marseille and Al Jazira ready £2.5m bids for Newcastle midfielder Cheick Tiote

I would jump at £2.5million for Cheick.

West Ham boss backs Jamie Vardy and Harry Kane to fire England Wingate Wire

There is a small bit on Andros Townsend, but very flattering to the Newcastle midfielder.

Rangers Retail still firmly in Mike Ashley's grip as Sport Direct tycoon appoints new director

Does anyone like Mike?

That was the month that was at Newcastle United

This is an opinion piece I wish I was smart enough to write.

Photographer Chris Burkard in Iceland

No words. Except those two. And these three. I'll stop.