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Reap the Wild Wyn on Thursday

Reap the Wild Wyn: Newcastle United news and other links to make you a better person for June 23, 2016

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"Warm today. Warm yesterday. Warm again tomorrow." - Stewie Griffin

Let me be completely honest with you: The news wire is crap. It may have been more productive to simply post links to commentary on the UEFA Euro 2016 matches from yesterday. In lieu of that decision you are going to get my brief thoughts on what remains.

My dreams have manifested themselves as England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Iceland and Wales have all made it to the knock-out round. I mention those because there were questions going into the tournament as to whether these clubs could show on the pitch. France and Germany were always moving on in my opinion, though French fans could surely be given doubt akin to English fans.

Damn you Hungary!!!

I have some tough decisions to make. Do I pull for Sissoko and France, or sit on the side of the Emerald Isle? Three Lions or the land of Erik the Red? And if I pull against Ireland am I obligated to take Northern Ireland over Wales?

A big part of me wants a Wales/England rematch for the cup. The way the bracket plays out, having Germany, Italy, Spain, England and France on one side seems evil. Inhumane. Unfair.

Shall we debate the idea of justice, either domestic or international?


Ok, let's kick the ball.

Euro 2016: Five flops of the group phase

Newcastle favorite Moussa Sissoko is in this article. Spoiler alert: he’s not one of the flops.

Adam Armstrong is a 'top talent' who is ready for Newcastle first team, believes Woodman

It is a slow news day for the Magpies. We’ve heard the debate, since the team was relegated, surrounding Adam Armstrong’s potential. With his recent injury we have time to keep debating it. Insert sarcastic "yeah".

Newcastle United confirm friendly clash with Dutch side but still have gaps in summer schedule

July 30th. Mark your calendars.

Rotherham United: £100m test when Millers hit the road

The financial surrounding what clubs like Newcastle and Aston Villa have in pocket is staggering. Obviously Leicester showed winning can be done without a big budget, but Newcastle has no excuse for being in the Championship with pockets this deep.

Football fan who invaded pitch gets Euro 2016 banning order relaxed so he can fly to his brother's stag do in Benidorm

His name is John West. Why should you care? He’s the guy who hugged Aleksandar Mitrovic after Mitro’s goal versus Sunderland.