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Reap the Wild Wyn on Tuesday

Reap the Wild Wyn: Newcastle United news and other links to make you a better person for June 28, 2016

Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

Tuesday, you are a real thorn in my side. I can't even enjoy the Iceland's victory over England for 24 hours. I have people at work telling me those who make the money get weasel out of our service level agreements. Those are fighting words folks!

Now comes the word that Crystal Palace is activating Andros Townsend's release clause. I've got nothing. Maybe the attachment to this player is too much. Maybe I am investing in a future that is unrealistic. Is Townsend seen as a foundational piece simply because those around him were so below average?

There were times when Andros would force the left foot. Doing so impacted opportunities. Am I letting fear and desperation win out?

Ok, let's kick the ball.

Why Newcastle United will play it carefully with Adam Armstrong next season

We're going to progress into the bad news.

Newcastle fight off rivals Middlesbrough to land Gent goalkeeper Matz Sels as Rafa Benitez closes in on first signing

At no point did I see a goalie as the first signing.

Matz Sels to Newcastle United: Everything you need to know about the Magpies' first summer signing

Everything. You'll read this article and no questions will remain.

Newcastle United FC and Crystal Palace FC agree whopping £12.9 million deal, the Eagles to spend £31 million on striker as well

And then sorrow sat in. Anyplace but Palace. Anyone but Pardew.

Rafa Benitez has lifted EVERY player at Newcastle United - says Ayoze Perez

I'm not sure this makes me feel any better.

Who next for the 'Impossible Job' as England coach?

I hope you're sitting down for this.

There's talk of Sam Allardyce, Alan Pardew and Eddie Howe

Bournemouth's Matt Ritchie a Surprising Newcastle Transfer Target

Let's end on a good note.

But if Townsend does leave and is replaced with Ritchie, Newcastle fans should not be too upset - because the Bournemouth man knows the league well and is a proven performer. He is also incredibly consistent, and rarely succumbs to injury.