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Reap the Wild Wyn on Tuesday

Reap the Wild Wyn: Newcastle United news and other links to make you a better person for June 7, 2016

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Hello everyone.

Yesterday my son and his girlfriend had to release their dog from life far too early. Tyson was a loving border collie that became Kara's companion while at college. He joined them both for numerous hikes, paddle board activities, trips to the beach and play time at the local dog park. He was one of a very few dogs that my dog Roxy got along with. There may have been misdiagnosis of a medical condition that facilitated his demise, but I cannot speak intelligently to that at this time. For some the emotional attachment to pets is beyond reason, while for others they are seen as family. We are the latter. My heart is heavy today, and thus my conversation with you prior to sharing daily links is more cathartic than informative.

Let's kick the ball.

Townsend to remain at Newcastle

Don't let the headline fool you. Townsend has not signed anything. At present he is on vacation. But if we are to trust the mill Andros Townsend will become the highest paid player in the Championship.

Moussa Sissoko wants to leave Newcastle and join Arsenal

During the 2015 winter transfer window Moussa Sissoko stated Arsenal was "the club of my heart". He was never going to stay with a relegated Newcastle squad. My personal opinion is that he mentally left the squad some time ago.

'Laughable that he thinks he's good enough for Champions League' - fans react to Sissoko news

I share this simply for the tweet from @NUFCThreatLevel in this article. Well, that and the shared sentiment that Sissoko probably thinks more of himself than is play on the pitch validates. I personally try not to be mean when it comes to commenting on players (they are people too), but sometimes I fail to a degree.

Mike Ashley admits Sports Direct has outgrown him - live updates

Union workers claim Mike Ashley presided over an environment of poor working conditions. These poor work conditions, along with paying workers below minimum wage. Ashley does not deny these claims.

Middlesbrough FC transfer news: Newcastle United 'enquire about £15m-rated Boro defender Daniel Ayala'

If Rafa Benitez can lure a player from a recently promoted club back into the Championship then his stock, in my eyes, will sky rocket. He has a history with Daniel Ayala.

bears | brooks falls - katmai national park, alaska

As I write this they are catching fish. This is where I go to escape when I can't "get away".