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Force Ranking 'The Lads' by Plus/Minus

Who is on the field when the most goals are scored 'for' and the fewest 'against'?

Who is on top of the NUFC +/- Ranking?
Who is on top of the NUFC +/- Ranking?
Warren Little/Getty Images

Borrowing the common force-ranking system used in hockey, I thought I would take a look at which players were on the field when the most goals were scored and the fewest goals against went into the net.  A 'goal for' is a +1 and a 'goal against' is a -1.  Add up all the numbers and you have a total to compare to the other players in the squad.  The list below is for all competitions and includes players that have since been transferred away or loaned out.

With all the momentum Gouffran has generated while on the field, I expected him to be near or at the top of the list.  He is.  In fact, 15 goals have been scored while he has been on the field and only 1 against.  As a comparison, Shelvey who is also +14, has been on the field for 5 goals against.  Clark is close at a +13/-1 to arrive at his net of +12.  Clark has gotten his in only four games.  Gouffran has played in seven games although he was not selected to even ride the bench the first two games of the season.


+14 - Gouffran, Shelvey

+12 - Anita, Clark, Ritchie

+10 - Lascelles, Sels

+9 - Hayden, Perez

+8 - Dummett

+7 - Colback

+6 - Diame

+5 - Mbemba, Mitrovic

+4 - Darlow, Hanley, Yedlin

+2 - Atsu, Gamez, Lazaar, Murphy, Sterry

+1 - Gayle

Even - Armstrong, Aarons

-2 - Janmaat

Of course Mitrovic was not eligible to play for four games.  His case is a bit unique in that he earned his +5 all in the one game against QPR.

Do you find any surprises on the list?  I did not realize Gayle was only a +1.  He has been on the field for every goal scored against NUFC so far this year.  Dummett, Anita, Hayden, and Ritchie would have to claim the same; however, they have been on the field for many more of the positive goals that have been scored.

Would these numbers impact your team selection against a critical opponent such as Aston Villa or Norfolk?  Clearly they are not the only consideration but it does point to some level of consistency and maybe which players are playing a most complete, two-way game.  What are your thoughts?