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Aleksandar Mitrovic Needs a Starting Position With Dwight Gayle

Aleksandar Mitrovic has been consistently overlooked for a starting position in Rafa Benitez's starting eleven.

Warren Little/Getty Images

I'm not Rafa Benitez, and I do not know what he knows about Aleksandar Mitrovic and his placement with the squad. But as a critic, fan, and writer, I have to say I have been shocked with the lack of playing time that Aleksandar Mitrovic has received over the start of this season.

Dwight Gayle has impressed fans and management with his consistent goalscoring and strength on the ball. But what we haven't seen is him paired up with Aleksandar Mitrovic. We have seen both Gayle and Ayoze Perez pair up, but not Mitrovic and Gayle.

I have been impressed with the Perez and Gayle matchup, but I think that with Gayle and Mitrovic could quickly become one of the most powerful attacking duos in the Championship, and potentially the Premier League.

Mitrovic has only made one league appearance so far this season. That's not enough for him to prove himself on the pitch. Just today, the club failed to beat Aston Villa in what was one of the most anticipated matches this season. Could things have been different with Mitrovic in the starting XI? Possibly. But we'll never know.

What I do know, is that Aleksandar Mitrovic has been working hard, and has the mindset to push the club to success. Dwight Gayle has done very well so far, but that doesn't mean Mitrovic can't succeed either. Following today's draw (and in the eyes of many, a defeat) to Aston Villa, Mitrovic may very well get his chance in the next match.