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Could Callum Wilson be Newcastle’s Record Transfer?

Callum Wilson is being priced at a fee that would make Newcastle United break their transfer record.

AFC Bournemouth v Arsenal - Premier League Photo by Warren Little/Getty Images

It sounds ridiculous when you talk about it like that, but that’s what the rumors are saying. Callum Wilson, one of Newcastle United’s biggest targets this transfer window is a striker for Bournemouth. He’s good, too.

But according to The Chronicle, it’s not like Newcastle won’t have to splash the cash for him. In fact, it is reported that he will cost the club around £20m. Is that a lot? Absolutely, and it’s money that no Championship team has spent before on just one player. It’s money that Newcastle United has never spent on just one player.

I’m wary of expensive purchases following Georginio Wijnaldum’s choice to ditch Newcastle United in the summer. After costing the club around £15.5m he was no cheap purchase, and wasn’t exactly the most consistent performer.

The money is there for Newcastle United to spend. After splashing the cash in the summer, more money was handed to Rafa Benitez for January to not only continue the strong form that the club has been in, but to prepare for a return to the Premier League early.

Wilson would be a great signing, I believe for the club. At 24, he isn’t too young or too old to make a difference. He has proven himself to be a worthy striker and if Newcastle manage to sign him, it would be a fantastic steal. But is £20m worth it?

You don’t become a top club by playing it cheap in the transfer window. There will come a time when Newcastle will have to consistently splash £20m and plus to remain competitive. Rafa Benitez understands the importance of splashing the cash. He has the final say in all players going in and out of the club. But is he willing to make a record breaking move for Callum Wilson?

We will continue to update you as this story continues.