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Could there be a bidding war for Newcastle United?

A bidding war could be on its way to St. James Park.

UEFA Champions League Semi Final: Liverpool v Chelsea Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Interest from Amanda Staveley and a Chinese consortium could throw Newcastle United in the middle of a bidding war for the North East club. Let’s get cocky for a minute here. Newcastle United is getting sold.

Now the favorite seems to be Staveley, with her Middle Eastern business contacts she could very well bring big money to the club. However, the Chinese consortium isn’t to be underestimated, and Chinese money could be big in bringing Newcastle the transfers needed to succeed.

Benitez? He just wants the whole thing over and done with, believing that the saga creates a distraction in the dressing room. As long as he gets his transfers, Benitez probably couldn’t give a rat’s ass who owns the joint.

Amanda Staveley controls about £28 billion in Middle Eastern cash through her investment firm PCP Capital Partners. Middle Eastern investors are very interested in having a stake in a Premier League side, quite possibly an attempt to rival the money thrown at Manchester City.

The Chinese consortium is likely to play it safe, however, and invest more in sound transfers and finding quality players in a crowded market rather than invest big bucks on big names for the sake of building quality immediately.

Both sides are showing increasing interest in purchasing the club, and by December, there could potentially be a bidding war, and Mike Ashley is right in the middle of it.

Seeing as money is the only thing that Mike Ashley dreams of, he’ll probably screw this up by asking for way too much.